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6 red flags to look out for when dating online

Looking for internet romance? Online dating can be a great way to meet new people and even find your potential soul mate. But it’s important to be aware of sure warning signs that can tell you when it’s time to move along as to avoid wasting your time or finding yourself in any uncomfortable situations. When you’re scoping the internet for love, make sure you remember to recognize these six red flags.

They Don’t Introduce Their First Name

If your initial introductions with a person don’t include a first name, then either basic manners are not a priority for them, or the person really isn’t that interested in getting to know you. So why waste your time?

They Reveal Very Personal Information

Additionally, if you’ve just introduced yourself to someone and within the next few conversations they’re pouring out details regarding personal, sensitive information about their past, this is a clear indication that they have some pretty heavy emotional baggage that they’re carrying around. This can also pinpoint a problem with self-sabotage. So ask yourself first if that’s a road you’re willing to go down.

They’re in No Rush to Reply to You

In this day and age, everyone is glued to their smartphone or some device that gives them access online. So if you’re finding that the person is taking a few days to respond each time, this can show you their real level of interest and that they’re not really invested in getting to know you.

They Want to Video Chat or Add to Facebook

There’s no need for someone to video chat or add you to Facebook when you barely know each other. Having a few good conversations should at least precede any of these requests. Requesting to add anyone to Facebook after you’ve just met is socially inappropriate and shows they are primarily interested in “sizing you up.”

Their Profile is Excessively Detailed

Sometimes, too much information can be a potential red flag to look out for when dating online, too. When a person’s profile seems more like a personal manifesto than a profile, don’t be surprised if they are profoundly self-absorbed.

Their Profile Has Photos Only

Online dating can be a scary thing to engage in, especially when you’re trying to find someone who is authentic and searching for the same thing as you are. Profiles that contain only photos of a person without having any necessary information filled in shows their lack of effort and commitment to this. Anyone who is remotely serious about finding a connection online will make an effort to fill in any essential information in their profile.

When it comes to dating, being cautious is always necessary. And being aware of red flags when dating online can help you steer clear of those who are just looking to waste your time. By recognizing red flags right from the get-go, you can learn to weed out the bad ones so you focus on the good.