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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) quite literally represents the act of applying careful therapeutic treatment and guidance with utmost respect towards the emotions of clients, involved parties, and session attendees. We understand that in order to first begin to heal, we must place the emotional boundaries, feelings, and perceptions of others and ourselves into the equation. This encourages the forming of tighter bonds through a deeper understanding of one another’s emotional inputs and outputs, and results in the building of a healthy relationship formed on the basis of mutual respect from a personal level.

Many couples find they have the same argument over and over again.  The topic may be different, but the feel of the argument is the same.  Couples can find themselves going in circles and not resolving their issues and unable to understand or connect with one another. We call this a cycle or dance that happens between you and unique to your relationship.  In session, we will discuss your cycle and what happens for each of you when you get into this place.  As we discuss your cycle your partner has a better understanding of why you shut down or exit when you are upset or why you get angry when your partner does not respond to you.  We have found that once couples understand their patterns, they find they are able to de-escalate situations quicker and form stronger bonds in their relationship.


Before we can love somebody else, we must first learn to love ourselves. In today’s society wrought with stressors and threats to our mental health, this has never been truer. By taking some time out for your own self through individual counselling with one of our non-judgmental and compassionate specialists, you can develop a deeper and more thorough understanding of your own emotions, mental health stressors, desires, and attitude. This enables for the opportunity to grow as a person by cleansing negative thinking and addressing outlying issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and grief, among others. This will help you develop a more positive and well-established means of communication, and can bolster relationships through enhanced self-confidence and contentment.


Sometimes, a couple encounters a period where they are either unwilling or unable to truly listen to the needs or emotional desires of one another. This is when our specialists can step in as a mediator, working with both individuals in a relationship in a safe and controlled environment to develop new cooperation and communication strategies. This encourages a deeper understanding of what is going on in the mind of each person, enabling for both halves of a relationship to gain an unbiased and accurate perspective of how things are going for one another.

The most functional way to regulate difficult emotions in love relationships is to share them. – Dr. Sue Johnson