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Many couples who come to us have struggled for years having the same argument over and over again, feeling the same dissatisfaction and experiencing the same loneliness in their partnership. It can be difficult to change well-established patterns after such a long time of shaping them. If you are struggling with your relationship, don’t feel connected to your partner, or if either of your trust has been broken, reach out to us today. Research shows that in any relationship it takes five positive interactions to outweigh a single negative experience. Let us work with you to start creating those positives again.


You might feel like it is impossible to get your partner or spouse to hear or understand you genuinely. The fear of causing an argument or getting shut down when trying to express your feelings is more common than you think. Most couples find themselves having the same argument over and over again. Sometimes the content is different or the trigger varies, but the argument at its core is the same. This becomes a negative dance that happens in the relationship, but we can help you find your healthy rhythm again.

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Most of our clients begin feeling relief from the distance and pain in their relationship by learning new tools in counselling. In our sessions, we will look at this negative cycle and help you understand how it happens and how to prevent it from happening on a regular basis. By drawing awareness of both partners’ own emotional experiences, we will guide you to restoring genuine empathy and closeness between you.

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As experienced couples therapists, we support you to actively engage with each other in an emotionally safe way. Sharing deeper feelings with each other in an atmosphere of empathy and shared vulnerability deepens intimacy while promoting mature interdependence and healing process. This will ultimately help improve communication and connection in your relationship.

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Broken Trust

Sex therapy is simply the act of discussing any issues regarding sexuality in a therapeutic environment. Many couples don’t know how to tackle these issues themselves, as these are serious topics which need to be discussed, understood, and acted upon in the appropriate manner in order to find solutions. Sexuality is a vital part of any healthy relationship — ignoring any issues in this department can be harmful to the parties involved.

There are many reasons why our clients seek aid with issues surrounding their sexuality. Possible causes for sexual disparities between partners are almost too numerous to count, but some may include worries about judgment or self-judgment regarding sexual desires, reduced pleasure, reduced or unmet heightened desire, differences in sexual needs/desires between partners, difficulties with arousal, and more. Often times, issues regarding sexual intimacy in relationships stem from problems not related to sex in any way.

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Sex Therapy

When there has been a betrayal of trust, it can be a devastating time for the couple. Very often the injured partner finds themselves in the dilemma of whether they want to stay or leave the relationship. You might struggle with thinking, “I always said, if this happened to me I would never stay”, but finding yourself wanting to work it out. This is a confusing place to be and a good place to seek help.

The partner who did the betrayal or committed infidelity is usually remorseful and wants to repair the relationship, but unsure how. In our counselling sessions, we will discuss the impact the affair or the betrayal had on the relationship and look at what was happening in the relationship that led to this place. We will also look at the interactional cycle between the two of you that was happening prior to the affair and find a way to repair that to prevent further betrayals.

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Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. – Christopher Reeve

What to Expect

We utilize a method known as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) when assisting couples in need of professional guidance. This has been proven to have a higher success rate with couples than other forms of therapy. EFT views emotion as the key to understanding how we experience ourselves and our relationships, as well as how our interactions with one another and ourselves have positive and negative impacts. It enables for a stronger development of closeness and an effective means of building intimacy through a more delicate and thoughtful understanding the inner workings of our minds and emotions.

The practice of applying EFT to treating our clients enables for a more organic and efficient means of mending wounds in relationships. It helps to encourage more consistent and open communication, honesty, and a mutual level of respect for one another through the exploration of the feelings and emotions of each person in a relationship. This can be utilized to recover from instances of broken trust in some cases, with the guilty half of the relationship gaining a deeper understanding of their emotional impact on their significant other and acting on that guilt to heal any wounds before the relationship is frayed further. In fact, this can strengthen such bonds in certain circumstances.

During the first session, which is seventy-five minutes, we’ll sit down and get to know the two of you to gain a better understanding of the problems plaguing your relationship and your individual stances on it being repaired. We’ll also chat with you about the reasoning behind your reaching out to us and whether or not you have both considered continued counselling sessions as a means of mending any damage. If continued therapy with our knowledgeable specialists is agreed upon, then we’ll move on towards individual sessions for each person in the relationship. This allows for us to separately get to know each of you and gain a better sense of what the underlying issues in your relationship are. We’ll then move back into couples sessions and begin to attentively and carefully piece together how to recover and strength your relationship with one another.

Some are uncomfortable with turning to a stranger for relationship therapy, no matter how professional and certified they may be. This is why we work on the basis of getting to know you politely, respectfully, and with your integrity and self-esteem in mind at all times. Our clients don’t think of us as a service provider, but a group of highly knowledgeable concerned therapist who are helping to guide them back onto the right path. Our mission is to provide each of you that very same experience.

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We are a fee for service agency and while some clients pay out of pocket for their session, most utilize their extended benefits to pay for a session. Please check your insurance and confirm if you have coverage for a registered social worker, psychotherapist or marriage, and family therapist. Please indicate to us about your coverage, so we connect you with a therapist who can provide you with coverage. Please note that we cannot provide coverage under registered psychologist.