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Do you feel like you are in an urgent situation and need to resolve your relationship ASAP?  We see many clients in this situation, and doing therapy once every week or every other week can leave couples feeling defeated, anxious, and hopeless.

We are offering clients an alternative to couples therapy by providing intensives. Some couples find this approach more effective as we can work through issues more immediately.  We can do more in-depth work in a shorter amount of time.    Each session is 3 hours and you meet with your therapists weekly.  This does require a time commitment and due the intensity of the work, it is best for the therapist and the couple that these sessions happen during the day.  Evening appointments are not best as couples are more tired and you are not getting the best out of your therapist.

Here's The Outline:

Week 1:  Couples Therapy session for 3 hours (sometimes the therapist will meet with each partner individually during this time). 

Week 2:  Individual session with each partner for 90 minutes (3 hours total for the couple)

Week 3:  Couples Therapy for 3 hours

Week 4:  Couples Therapy for 3 hours

If couple require more therapy beyond week 4 they can consider moving to weekly 75 minute sessions, but by this time it is the hope that the couple is starting to have a better understanding of each other and creating closer connections.

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