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Individual Relationship Counselling

Because you can make a change on your own.

Every relationship is built on the efforts of two individuals, who work together to maintain it and grow collectively. However, sometimes we need to take the time away from our significant other to piece together how to best move forward, free of emotional distraction and stress. By taking the time to discuss the relationship from your perspective with one of our knowledgeable specialists, you can learn how to strengthen bonds and develop an even more intimate and personal relationship with that special someone.

Are you struggling with some aspects of your relationship and want to figure things out on your own? Or maybe you are aware of problems in your relationship, and feel ready to move forward with relationship skill-building. But you find yourself in the dilemma of: What if my partner refuses to do it with me?

This is actually very common. It is not always the case that both partners are ready at the same time to do relationship work. And yet, you can still benefit as a couple by getting help for one. Yes, it’s ideal when both individuals in a couple take the necessary steps together by learning and practicing new tools. However, you and your partner are part of a system, your relationship, and if one part of that system changes, then the entire system begins to change.

Our goal with couples counselling for one is the same as if both partners were there. We will listen to you and your story, try to help you gain a different perspective, and help you communicate in a way your partner is likely to hear you.

The power of solo therapy

As one person learns to stop acting in anger or withdrawing and to give forth radically more positive energy – more affection, appreciation, playfulness, insight, and willingness to listen and apologize for mistakes – both spouses will begin to feel better. In turn, feeling better builds patience for handling problems in a more respectful way and it builds a new basis of trust to open up to each other fully again.

Add in new communication skills for talking about sensitive issues, and solving problems becomes easier, leading to even more positive feelings. In this way, one person’s learning can cause a positive cycle of feeling better for both of you. Stress, anxiety, and relationship issues can hit even the most secure people at times. When you feel like this, all you want is to feel better and you can.

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What to expect

Often, emotion is the most important and comprehensive element to on which a relationship functions. This is why we utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to ascertain a firm understanding of the feelings, needs, and bonds of each relationship, which can often be better interpreted through solo consultations with each respective half.

These sessions function on the basis of utmost consideration towards both individuals in the relationship, with our therapists delicately balancing out the emotional stressors and feelings of both yourself and your significant other even when they are not present. This is important, as it helps to protect against further straining and fragmentation, and enables for the relationship to be more tightly bonded on a basis of honesty and compassion. Through the understanding of the dynamics between you and your partner, we’ll develop a method of repairing damage and bringing you closer together.

Each of our counsellors conveys the atmosphere of compassion and understanding, providing a space to simply talking things out, which is important to quell misconceptions regarding what is a perfectly healthy, safe, and efficient method of therapy. We’ll continually encourage and support you to actively engage with your own feelings and triggers in a comfortable and safe environment. Through solo consultations, we’ll enable for you to become aware of your own emotional responses in day-to-day situations and develop more emotionally sensitive methods of communicating and interacting with your significant other. This will bolster your relationship’s overall health and intimacy, in addition to encouraging attraction and mutual interest in one another through the simple act of consideration. Contact Vaughan Relationship Centre to make an appointment today.

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We are a fee for service agency and while some clients pay out of pocket for their session, most utilize their extended benefits to pay for a session. Please check your insurance and confirm if you have coverage for a registered social worker, psychotherapist or marriage, and family therapist. Please indicate to us about your coverage, so we connect you with a therapist who can provide you with coverage. Please note that we cannot provide coverage under registered psychologist.