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Please note that while we service the Maple area, all appointments are held out of our office in Woodbridge.

When two people live together, it’s not uncommon for the relationship to face hurdles along the way. But when your relationship starts to undergo consistent strain, negative feelings like spite and resentment can begin to surface and become difficult to overcome. That’s where we can help. Our office in Woodbridge allows our counsellors to listen and provide residents of Maple the guidance they need to help mend the connections in their relationships.

We avoid traditional cookie-cutter strategies and instead aim to thoroughly understand how both parties feel in order to provide the appropriate guidance in a safe, caring, and judgement-free environment. From Maple to Woodbridge, we have you covered.

Just like you would seek help from a doctor or dentist, seeking support and advice from a therapist is just as necessary for your wellbeing during emotionally turbulent times. Talking to a professional can help you to understand what you’re feeling, why these feelings are occurring, and how you can move forward in a positive manner.

Whether you need to talk to someone for your own advice or if you would like to bring your partner along with you, our team will take the time to work with you to start creating positive and healthy patterns to re-establish effective communication in your relationship. We also work with individuals who are struggling with relationships with their parents, children, siblings, in-laws, and colleagues.

Contact us today at Vaughan Relationship Centre to schedule a consultation so we can help you grow in a positive and healthy direction.

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We are a fee for service agency and while some clients pay out of pocket for their session, most utilize their extended benefits to pay for a session. Please check your insurance and confirm if you have coverage for a registered social worker, psychotherapist or marriage, and family therapist. Please indicate to us about your coverage, so we connect you with a therapist who can provide you with coverage. Please note that we cannot provide coverage under registered psychologist.