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When seeking outside help for your relationship, it can be difficult to decide where to start or what the best course of action may be. You may contemplate having family or friends intervene, but typically having a neutral and objective view from a professional can be more successful. Even then, it can be difficult to decide on which type of counselling is best for you and your significant other.

Take a look at the different types of couples therapy below: 

Couples Counselling for One 

You may want couples counselling, but your partner may have reservations. We encourage those who are reluctant to attend just one session and see how it goes. Typically, those people initially see the idea of counselling as much more scary than the session itself and are willing to continue after experiencing it. 

While this may work for some couples, we recognize this isn’t the case for all. At Vaughan Relationship Centre we offer couples counselling for one where we can support you in understanding your impact on the relationship dynamics and provide strategies for change. We can also support you in understanding your partner better, so you can find ways to be less triggered or reactive. Couples counselling for one can help you make changes to your relationship.

Discernment Counselling

Discernment Counselling is effective in helping couples who are unsure whether or not they should stay together.  It is a good choice when one person is seriously contemplating divorce and the other would like to continue the relationship.  

Discernment counselling is more directive and short term than couples therapy.  The focus is not on repairing the relationship but deciding on the next steps.  Discernment Counselling can also be effective in helping everyone look at how they have impacted the relationship and taking responsibility for their part.  From there, the couple may decide to stay together and continue the relationship status quo, move on to do couples therapy, or decide to separate.  

Even for couples who decide to separate, discernment counselling can be effective in making this transition amicable. It allows both parties to understand what has transpired and take responsibility for the actions that have been taken.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is effective in helping you and your partner understand how both of you are contributing to the negative interactions in your relationship.  It help you take the necessary steps to resolve them. Many people believe that if their partner changes, then the relationship will be better, but typically, both partners need to make changes. Therapy can help you and your partner understand the changes you need to make to improve your relationship.  

In couples therapy, we can support you in understanding the dynamics that contribute to the lack of communication, hurt feelings, arguments, and misunderstandings.  Once you understand the cycle or dynamic that gets you stuck, we can support you in finding strategies to get unstuck and minimize future negative interactions or prevent them all together.  

If you are looking to improve your relationship, and need outside support, contact us. We will connect you with a therapist that best suits the needs for your relationship.

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