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Please note that while we service the Bolton area, all appointments are held out of our office in Woodbridge.

Looking for the best couples therapy in Bolton? Vaughan Relationship Centre offers a location 20 minutes outside of Bolton with professional counsellors who are ready to provide you with the tools, advice, and insight that you’re looking for.

Relationships can begin to suffer over time as couples grow apart due to a variety of different reasons and circumstances. And, without the necessary skills to wade through those turbulent and emotional times, it can be difficult to repair and continue to grow together as a couple.

At Vaughan Relationship Centre, we can work with you individually or with your partner to help you understand the emotions and issues that you’re facing. We care about all aspects and sides of your situation and will offer support to help unify your efforts to work together to learn how to communicate and grow in a positive and healthy manner. Effective communication is the key to any happy and healthy relationship, and sustaining a loving connection takes continuous work and effort for everyone.

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your partner, with your family, your in-laws, your colleagues, or if you’re simply feeling lost and discouraged, we can help. From Bolton to Toronto, we can help.

Our team will provide a safe, judgement-free environment where you can feel comfortable opening up and talking to us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can help you make a positive change for yourself and for your relationship by re-establishing healthy patterns that can allow you to grow in healthy and happy direction.

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Couples Counselling
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Family Counselling
Couples Counselling for One
Struggles with Work-Relationship
Anger Management
Relationship Enhancement
Extended Family Struggles

Contact us to set up your first appointment today. We are here to help.

We are a fee for service agency and while some clients pay out of pocket for their session, most utilize their extended benefits to pay for a session. Please check your insurance and confirm if you have coverage for a registered social worker, psychotherapist or marriage, and family therapist. Please indicate to us about your coverage, so we connect you with a therapist who can provide you with coverage. Please note that we cannot provide coverage under registered psychologist.