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Feedback From Our Clients

Many people ask why we don’t have testimonials on our website.  The choice reflects our strict adherence to ethical principles set forth by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, as well as the Ontario College of Psychotherapists. These professional bodies explicitly prohibit clients from offering testimonials due to the risk of disclosing their identities.

The therapists at the Vaughan Relationship Centre have specialized training in relationship therapy. Also, they excel in addressing concerns such as anxiety, depression, family dynamics, stress alleviation, abuse, and overcoming the lingering effects of past family problems.

Many of our clients seek our assistance in improving their relationships, especially in overcoming communication barriers and past grievances.  We have achieved remarkable success assisting our clients in creating stronger bonds while acquiring valuable skills like attentive listening and mutual understanding.

While most clients come to us to improve their relationships, not all come in with the same hope or agenda.  Occasionally, clients approach us for support to end their relationships, which can be a challenging and emotional process for both parties.

Our primary objective is to assist our clients in achieving their relationship goals without imposing our personal beliefs on how they should navigate their lives. We aim to empower our clients to reach their goals for therapy.


Amanda square

Amanda Bacchus, M.S.W., R.S.W., R.P., R.M.F.T-SQ

Amanda is a directive therapist who calls it as she sees it.  She actively participates in therapy sessions, going beyond the usual “How do you feel?” question. She remains impartial and unbiased while working with couples and families. Amanda is easy to talk to and connects well with her clients. She has built trust among healthcare providers, who often recommend her services for effective client support.

leslie square

Leslie Yaffa, M.S.W., R.S.W., EdD.

Leslie has been supportive to numerous couples and families. She offers valuable insights and gently encourages clients to share their thoughts and feelings. Leslie is practical and addresses issues in a straightforward manner. Many clients seek her help during times of distress, and she skillfully helps them navigate their pain and emerge stronger on the other side. She is dedicated to understanding her clients’ needs and working towards achieving their therapy goals.

Melissa square

Melissa Devlin, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Melissa is recognized for her ability to guide clients in uncovering their own solutions by asking thought-provoking questions. She facilitates open communication between couples, fostering a deeper connection and mutual understanding. Melissa prioritizes creating a welcoming and secure environment for her clients to feel at ease and make therapy sessions less intimidating.

Neera square

Neera Madhok, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Neera possesses a remarkable ability to grasp the core of her clients’ issues. She is exceptionally empathetic, offering a fresh perspective and assisting them in overcoming obstacles. Neera is praised for her skill in validating and genuinely listening to her clients. She excels in building strong connections with clients while encouraging accountability without passing judgment.