• Vaughan Relationship Centre: Counselling to Empower.

Vision, Mission, & Values


Building stronger relationships with real solutions.

Mission Statement

1) Providing real solutions for clients.

2) Creating a nurturing & supportive environment for clients, therapists, and employees.

3) Providing face to face counselling for GTA couples

4) Servicing client with limited access to services via online confidential counselling in Canada.

5) Discernment counselling – helping couples make the right decision about staying together.

6) Providing valuable service to the community by providing lower cost options and/or connecting them with community resources

7) Providing the highest quality of care with strong clinical training.

8) Providing free resources, such as blogs, videos, and workshops.


Values Statement

Client commitment

Providing a service where we care about the clients and their interests.


Providing ethical and supportive care


Upholding the highest standard in our actions and doing work we are proud of


Working collaboratively to provide the best care to clients and to staff


Respecting the services of the all team members from the top to the bottom of the organization.


Making decisions that are fair to the team, centre, and clients.


Supporting clients in taking the steps to create enrichment, fulfillment, growth, and happiness in their lives and relationships.