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Helping professionals give their all to their clients. This often  leads to stress, burnout, and can impact personal relationships.   When work stressors increase and demands to support others is high, it can spillover into the relationship with a significant other and  lead to couple dissatisfaction. It is natural to lean on your partner for support, especially when you feel overwhelmed with caring for others. However, arguments, lack of communication and misunderstandings can increase when it feels that the support is not there. 

As rewarding as being a helping professional can be, experiencing burnout is very common. Not only is the job stressful and demanding, but the amount of responsibility these professions have can be extremely overwhelming. Dealing with burnout, anxiety and/or depression can be difficult to do alone.

At the Vaughan Relationship Centre, we support all helping professionals with managing self-care, work stressors, and improving relationship satisfaction and communication.

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Police Officers


Social Workers




If you live in Toronto or the GTA and are interested in Therapy for Helping Professionals, please contact us by email or phone to set up an appointment.

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