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Office space for Lease

We have space to rent for Registered Clinicians

Office Located in Woodbridge, ON

Bordering Brampton, Mississauga, & Toronto

Office available for Lease

Four bright, fully furnished offices are available for regulated health clinicians.  Looking to lease to a group practice owner. 

What is included

    • Turn-Key
    • Soundproof offices
    • Total office space is 2900 sq ft
    • Reception area with desk
    • Offices able to accommodate 6 feet distance from clients
    • Large comfortable group room
    • Internet
    • Free Staff Parking
    • Plenty of free parking for clients
    • Amenities, such as a clean working environment, tissues, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and air purifier
    • Large kitchen space to sit and enjoy your meal or take a break
    • Three Washrooms, one for staff and two for clients
    • Close to public transit
    • Accessible from major highways 427 & 407

Overcoming your Fears of Building a Private Practice

Become an Associate

Join the Vaughan Relationship Team!


The Vaughan Relationship Centre is currently experiencing a high volume of couples seeking in-person therapy, resulting in a demand that exceeds our capacity. Therefore, we are actively seeking Social Workers or Psychotherapists who specialize in working with couples to join our team. Many clinics are approaching therapists to work as independent contractors, requiring payment of a split fee. However, if a therapist decides to leave the clinic and establish their own practice, they often need to start from scratch and negotiate client transfers with the clinic owner.


At the Vaughan Relationship Centre, we have taken a different approach. We believe in empowering our therapists to have their own independent practice right from the start. When you join our team, you will have the opportunity to rent office space from us and receive supervision and consultation on how to build your private practice. As an added benefit, we will provide you with referrals to help you establish your caseload. You won’t have to worry about marketing and filling your schedule in the early stages.


Currently, the Vaughan Relationship Centre has a surplus of in-person referrals and no available therapists to accommodate them. This is why we are actively seeking highly skilled couples therapists to fill this gap. We want to address the needs of the community while simultaneously supporting you in building your private practice.


So, what does this look like financially to you?

  • Rent for one day a week/month. You must use the office consistently on the same day to accommodate scheduling.
  • 1:1 Supervision ($175/hr value)
  • Private Practice Coaching ($200/hr value)
  • Social Workers will be advertised on the VRC website, which has over 600 visitors a month!
  • Referrals* for in-person only. VRC cannot provide virtual referrals at this time. (VRC spends over $1000 a month in marketing and over 20 hours of admin time).

Your Fee to VRC for rent and supervision: $600/month

Are you hesitant about making such a significant investment without any assurance of a lucrative return?

If you were to work as a self-employed contractor and divide the fee in a ratio of 70/30, seeing an average of four clients per week at a rate of $150 per hour, you would be required to pay the clinic a total of $720 per month.

However, VRC is offering therapists a chance to not only flourish in their practice but also generate a stable income.

If interested, please reach out to us through our contact page.

*Please note that the referrals are for couples therapy. Therefore, it is important that therapists have training in couples therapy or are willing to get appropriate training in couples therapy.