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How Do I Handle a Jealous Partner?

Jealousy is an emotion that we all experience from time to time. But when jealousy starts to creep into your relationship frequently, it can really begin to ignite a destructive fire among you and your partner. Experiencing irrational bouts of fear, anxiety, and suspicion can act like a poison in our minds, slowly fraying away at the fabric of trust, which is the essential ingredient for sustaining a lasting and loving marriage.  If you’ve begun to recognize irrational, jealous tendencies in your partner, there are ways to work through it and overcome that negative cloud. If you’re looking for ways to handle a jealous partner, read on to learn more.


What is Irrational Jealousy?

Jealousy is something that we all experience at some point throughout our lives. Having mild feelings of jealousy within a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, in small, infrequent doses, it can actually be a positive indication of how much that person means to you. But when jealousy intensifies and arises frequently and sharply over irrational things, it can begin to destroy that caring bond between both partners.


What’s Causing My Partner To Feel So Jealous?

It’s hard to determine exactly what jealousy is derived from. This, of course, will differ depending on circumstances and each individual. There can be a number of factors that contribute to this, such as, history of others betraying trust, worry about not being good enough for you, fear of losing you, or being alone or betrayed.


How Do I Address This?

The best way to address problems with jealousy is to try and communicate effectively with your partner. Most couples will discuss an issue when it arises, or something triggers it.  Try discussing the issue when things are not escalated; this will assist in having a calmer open discussion. Talking it out helps to increase self-awareness with both your partner and yourself.  Maybe there are certain things that you might be doing unintentionally that could be triggering their behaviour.  But by sitting down and listening to one another, you can begin to understand each other’s position and help trigger positive growth from this powerful and consuming emotion.


Talking To A Therapist Can Help You Communicate

While some couples can speak about issues of trust and resolve them, many find it a struggle.  It is hard to hear and understand your partner when there are heightened feelings.  If the idea of communicating effectively with one another seems much easier said than done, then seeking guidance from a professional therapist can help. A therapist can mediate and control the conversation in such a way that you can hear each other out and say what needs to be said in a safe and controlled environment. A therapist can help you understand why your partner is jealous and can help your partner feel less worried about the relationship.  

Discussing the roots of your partner’s jealous feelings, expressing the effects they have on you, and how they are impacting your relationship, are essential to include.

Overcoming the strong grip of jealousy can be achieved with enough effort and determination. If you have a jealous partner and are looking for guidance on how to overcome their jealous tendencies, reach out to us at the Vaughan Relationship Centre. We have qualified therapists available to help you build a stronger trusting relationship, so you can back to the loving relationship you once had.