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With a lack of affordable childcare, many of our clients are struggling to combat their busy lives and spend time with their loved ones. Getting creative in about finding ways to connect with partners when the house is full and busy can be a challenge. 

It’s important for couples to find the time and space to reconnect with one another. While it may seem impossible to get any bit of privacy, intimacy should still remain a priority. 

Get creative

Proper date nights might feel like a distant memory, but reconnecting with your partner one-on-one is still important. Wining and dining at your favourite restaurant may not be possible, but with nice weather available, planning a romantic backyard picnic when the kids are asleep allows you to switch things up, keep it exciting, and reconnect. If your kids are older and can be left home alone, but funds are tight, consider a coffee date in the car. You can catch up and chat in complete privacy. Better yet, come up with a signal or code to connect – one that your kids can’t understand. 


Small gestures, big rewards

Intimacy doesn’t have to be grand gestures. It can be simple reminders that let your significant other know they are loved. Revert back to the beginning stages of your relationship: get flirty and lovey-dovey with your partner. Send them a loving text message (even if they’re in the other room), or make the time for little hugs and kisses throughout the day. These may be small gestures, but they’re kid-friendly and still let your significant other know you’re thinking of them.  


The art of distraction

Having enough private time away from the kids to be physically intimate with your partner is especially tough with everyone at home. It can seem impossible for the kids to be preoccupied with something long enough not to be disturbed. Try scheduling your moments of intimacy and something fun for the kids too. Create a movie night for the little ones with sleeping bags in the living room, or set up a recurring playdate with family and friends. You can alternate which set of parents lead the playdate so you can step away and have your fun worry-free. Having something in the calendar means you’re more likely to keep it as a commitment, and it will start to become a routine for the two of you and your children. Just make sure your kids aren’t left completely unattended and unsafe. 

The struggles around lack of childcare can require us to change the way we deal with most things in our lives – especially our relationships. Having everyone at home does have its perks. A full home means a full heart with quality family time at a high. But if you’re struggling to connect with your partner and your intimacy is lacking, it may be time for you to seek some outside advice. Reach out to us to learn how we can help!