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Taking time alone is a very important form of self-care.  Over the pandemic, we provided effective counselling to many of our clients virtually.  Many people are reaching out to therapists to get the support they need to nurture their mental health and relationships.   

With busy lives and schedules, many clients find it convenient to attend counselling online.   

The flexibility and convenience of virtual sessions

Therapy in the virtual world allows you the flexibility of scheduling your sessions when it is convenient for you. If you have a chance to step away from work for an hour, or if your lunch break works best for you, you now have the opportunity to reflect and regroup during times that seemed impossible to do so before. 

Technology has also allowed us to attend therapy sessions conveniently. You no longer have to worry about driving to your session or carving out extra time in your schedule to commute to your appointment.

Finding a new “safe space”

Participating in therapy requires clients to be vulnerable. Sessions are most productive when they occur in a comfortable, private and safe space. Technology has been great in allowing therapy sessions to happen “on the go,” but it has also posed new challenges: finding the privacy to be vulnerable during your sessions. 

This can be extremely difficult when it seems there is nowhere to go. Many of our clients have found solitude by attending virtual therapy sessions in their car – one place where they can speak without the fear of being overheard. Cars have now become the new safe space.

While attending a session in your car may seem a little silly, prioritizing mental health is not. Make it a ritual. Grab a coffee, get comfortable in your car and connect with your therapist away from your loved ones where you can speak openly and freely. Just don’t forget to keep the car in park! Attending your sessions safely is just as important as showing up.  

Therapy is now more convenient than ever, and all you’ll have to worry about is picking up that much-needed coffee. 

If you think now is the right time for you to start your journey in therapy, contact us at the Vaughan Relationship Centre to find out how we can support you.