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Why Your Relationships Always Deserve Your Prime Attention

You deserve to have someone who gives you the respect and attention you need to feel loved and supported. But remember, your partner also deserves that same level of love, respect and attention from you. Let’s face it – relationships can be complicated.  When two people enter a relationship and begin to share their lives and individual habits (and everything else that comes along with it), it’s not always so easy. And some things take time to learn and figure out, like striking a balance between your independent lives that you once had and the one you now share with each other. But in order for a relationship to really thrive and flourish, you need to see and treat it as a priority. That is why your relationships always deserve your prime attention.

Let’s explore a little more about why this is so essential.

Relationships Require Work

The reality is that every relationship requires work. Whether you recognize it or not, when you become intimate with someone and enter into a relationship, you have a deep set of expectations of how that person should be. But often the reality is very different. And, as you continue to grow fonder, fall in love, and commit, each person begins to change. The continuous growing can be very challenging to navigate because it means that you must learn to adapt, accept, and even grow to love certain aggravating habits that you never thought you would. But the one key ingredient that any relationship needs in order to survive is for each person to show up and work at it. Relationships require your time, your energy and your prime attention in order to get through those shifting waters.

Relationships Need To Be Nurtured

Even when your relationship has reached that pinnacle level that you’ve been dreaming of, where you’re both on the same page so much so that it’s magical to others, it must be continuously nurtured. And this also goes for your relationships with family and friends too. Nurturing our relationships means checking in to see how our loved ones are doing, spending time with those whom we love, and making small, meaningful gestures to show we’ve been thinking about them. Giving your attention to your loved ones can be done in so many small, yet meaningful ways that really can speak volumes to how much you truly care about them.

Show That You Value Them

Someone whom you care for and who cares about you never deserves to be given the crumbs of your attention. Whether you’re glued to your phone or consumed with your work, if you’re serious about having your relationship thrive and grow, you need to show that person that you value them. So turn off the phone, say no to your colleagues and head home instead to spend some quality time with your loved one more often.

If you’ve been guilty of not giving your relationship the love, time and attention it deserves, it’s time to make a change. Start focusing on simple ways to show that you care and that you love them. And if you still feel unsure, allow us to help you at the Vaughan Relationship Centre. We have therapists who can help guide you to understand what’s happening in your relationships and how to overcome the challenges that you’re facing, together. Reach out to us today.