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How Being Stuck Inside in the Winter Affects Your Relationship

Do you tend to feel sad or irritable during the dark winter weather? You can blame the lack of sunshine because, without it, your body is robbed of energy and essential vitamins that impact how you feel. With limited amounts of light in the wintertime, you can experience increased fatigue, irritability, and depression.  So it’s no surprise that being trapped indoors could be wearing on your relationship with your partner when you’re experiencing the winter blues. To understand how being stuck inside in the winter affects your relationship, and what you can do about it, read on.


When you’re stuck indoors during the winter, your body is deprived of vitamin D. Your hormones and chemical levels are also impacted, leading to mood changes and depression. When depression kicks in people can feel empty and anxious throughout the day. They may withdraw from their partner, become un-communicative, worry about being alone and may want more connection. Understanding the signs of depression and seeking help can ensure your relationship stays healthy and strong.

Feeling Trapped

As you are feeling more fatigued and irritable with the gloomy weather, Small irritations or annoyances that you would normally tolerate, can be in tolerable when you feeling fatigued or with less energy during he winter months.  Negative feelings can start to build up, and if you don’t have some sort of release, it can often be replaced with resentment. Couples need space, both physically and emotionally, from time to time. A brief time apart like going out with a friend or hitting the gym can provide the space you need to keep the romance going. Plus, it allows you to actually miss each other.


With the lack of sunlight and vitamin deficiency that’s common in the wintertime, it’s normal to feel slower and fatigued throughout the day. This can also lead to a lack of motivation to engage in activities that you would normally enjoy doing together, which can put a damper on your intimacy levels. To combat fatigue, create a meal plan that ensures you are getting a good dose of your daily vitamins and minerals to keep your body optimized. And make a plan to go out and do something together at least once a week even if it is as simple as getting a warm coffee at your favourite coffee shop.  This increases connection with your partner.


Increased darkness and bitterly cold weather can heighten your feelings of frustration and annoyance, and make you feel restless. This can lead to sudden outbursts of frustration and anger over small issues, usually leading to full-blown arguments. Taking out your negative emotions on your partner won’t do your relationship any good. To prevent frustration from taking hold, take time to do something physical. This can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk or doing an online exercise video. By getting active you will change the chemistry in your brain allowing  to you can feel much more relaxed and loving throughout the day.

Being pent up indoors in the winter with your partner isn’t as romantic as it seems. It can stir up some negative emotions quite easily. If you feel that the winter blues are strangling your relationship, it may be time to talk to a professional who can help you get your intimacy back on track.